Why Should I Get a 5G Phone?

In a world where technology seems to be improving at a breakneck rate, you’d have to wonder if there is anything that is old school about mobile phones. Sure, the price point is lower, but is it really any different than the rest of the pack? What will happen to old-fashioned mobile phones when 5G and/or Enhanced Connectivity become available? That’s something that many people wonder. Will the older, clunky mobile phones we all know disappear completely?

The good news is that the answer is probably “no.” While we are quite certain that 5G will have a significant impact on the way people communicate in the future, the impact won’t be near as radical as some are expecting. For instance, one thing that won’t change is the fact that most folks still use their cell phones only to make and receive calls. That’s not to say that they won’t have access to Internet on their smart phones, which is what ultimately matters for the long term. What will happen to 5G & Enhanced Connectivity is the ability for cellular service carriers to provide better wireless connections over existing wires, known as fiber optics.

This is why fiber optics is so important, because it makes mobile internet possible. You see, it is very difficult to send data from a computer to a mobile phone when the distance is too great to allow data to pass through. For years, engineers have been working to resolve this problem, but it wasn’t until recently that wireless engineers were able to engineer solutions that would work for both traditional and new mobile phones. It also helps that the improvement is likely coming to all mobile phones eventually. For now, though, we do have an edge.

With 5G & Enhanced Connectivity the signals that your mobile phone sends and receives are much stronger than ever before. The signals can travel further than ever before and the bandwidth that your phone uses is much greater than it has ever been. These are all things that you will notice right away. You will be able to send email and web pages with much more speed and you will be able to access web pages on your mobile phone that you wouldn’t dream of on a traditional PC or laptop. As time goes by you will start to experience a whole host of new benefits, such as:

o Faster Internet. Imagine getting faster Internet without having to buy a new phone. Mobile internet will allow your mobile phone to connect to the web just like any other phone. Even if you have a laptop or desktop, you can use it to access the web no matter where you are. You will be connecting to the web just like you would on the web, just at a much faster speed.

o More Information. Since your mobile device will now allow you to access web pages even when you are on the go, you will be able to access a wider variety of information. Instead of only being able to look up the weather, you can now look up how to get your car ready for the day or how to fix that pesky leaking faucet.

o More Features. With a mobile phone you can download anything from eBooks to songs to videos to text guides to restaurant reviews. These features will be available to you at an extremely low price, because mobile phone companies have agreed to bundle in these services into single plans. This means you get everything you need for one price. Plus, many of these services come free with your cell phone service plan.

So why should you get a 5G? Because it will make everything you do much quicker, easier, and better. You will also be able to communicate with people around the world using text and video messages. Plus, you will never miss a beat as you send and receive emails, you will be getting tons of text and email alerts, and will be able to perform tasks on the internet like checking your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ accounts.

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