The Exotic Summer Flowers of India

Are you planning to start a flower garden and you are confused as to which flowers should you choose? The only way to be clear is to learn more about the various types of flowers available in the garden. There are many floral species that can be grown in any type of climate and condition. In fact, some of the flowers do not need much care at all, while other require a lot of attention. So, before you plunge in, it helps to understand the various types that are out there.

While the Rose is the most popular flower, there are many other flowers that are equally popular, if not more. However, before you take the plunge into growing a flower garden, it helps to know a bit more about the various species that are out there. Some species may survive best in some specific conditions, while some may require more attention to detail, especially when it comes to the time they need to be planted and the kind of soil that they need. Hence, depending upon how much time you can devote to keeping these flowers growing, you should choose the right plant that you would like to grow in your garden:

The African Violets are widely used for their lovely yellow flowers. These flowers are known for their bright yellow blooms. This variety is generally cultivated in south Indian state of Karnataka. The leaves and blooms are closely associated with the Indian state of Karnataka. The flowers of this species are used in wedding ceremonies.

The Bee Balm Viburnum or the Bee Balm Hibiscus is another common and widespread flower variety that is used in floral arrangements for homes and gardens. The flower comes in a vivid orange and yellow color. This is one variety that is most likely to survive during the long winters as it prefers colder temperatures during the summers. It will thrive during the late summer to early autumn. Since this is a fairly cold weather friendly variety of flower, it can be grown both indoors and outdoors.

These Areana flowers are an example of very hardy and adaptable flowers. They are great for people who live in areas where the weather tends to change from hot to cool to warm to cold. In fact, they can be found on almost every continent on earth including Asia and Africa. The flowers that thrive best in such hot and dry conditions are those that have acquired the habit of climbing fences or recluses during the dry seasons.

Cattails are very popular garden flowers that can survive on a variety of conditions. These flowers have large and crowded blooms. Their flowers can be seen on a variety of locations including roads, fences, walls and other structures when they bloom in the full sun. They will only bloom during the sun’s hottest part which usually happens during the summer months. To ensure that they get the proper amount of sunlight and water they should be watered right after they bloom. It is recommended that you do not wait until after they are dry to water them.

Tulips are another example of flowers that can be found both indoors and outdoors. These flowers are best grown in a variety of conditions including full sun, partial shade and windy conditions. When you care for these tulip flowers you can expect them to bloom a number of different colors. These flowers typically come in shades of pink and white. You can also find white and pink hybrids that will flower in a variety of colors.

If you wish to add to your existing garden and make it more interesting you can include some unique and attractive flowers. If you take the time to research you will find many such gardens in your locality. In fact, this is one way to ensure that your garden becomes a showcase that can attract many visitors. Hence, India is an excellent choice if you are looking for summer flowers. They are easily available and are quite affordable.

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