Cheating Crouchy Begging Clancy to Come Back

Peter Crouch has been bombarding his heartbroken fiancée Abbey Clancy with texts begging forgiveness after his encounter with an Algerian prostitute, Monica Mint.

Crouchie relaxing in his back garden…..

Abbey who flew off to Majorca to be with her mum and take some time out is expected back in Britain tomorrow in time to film the next stage of her new E4 show Great British Hairdresser, although Abbey would prefer to stay longer following Crouchie’s Away Game.

It seems that Peter has a plan though. It involves flying her back in a private jet. A nice little reminder of the little luxuries she will miss out on if she decides to ditch him.

It may just work as it has been revealed that Abbey still loves him and thinks they can rebuild their relationship. Maybe he could take her away on a nice romantic break to Algeria!


Cheryl Cole Takes Inspiration from Tina Turner

Cheryl Cole is releasing her second solo album later this year and it is going to be under her married name!

Cheryl’s decided the title of her CD will be Cheryl Cole as she feels the most successful period of her career has been under that name. She knows she is established in Europe under that name so going back to her maiden name may be too confusing for her fans.

Legend Tina Turner may have been the inspiration as she kept husband Ike’s name after their divorce and it never did the soul diva any harm, Tina turner may not have reached the heights of fame with the name Anna Mae Bullock!

Cheryl who is a fan of Tina Turner, knows that Tina kept her married name as that was the name she was better known as and Cheryl feels she should do the same.

Whatever the name, Wags-Blog can’t wait to hear her new material.


Cheryl Cole Shapes Up!

Cheryl Cole hits the gym after complaining that she needs to improve her cardiovascular fitness and tone up. Yep, we all thought the same thing after seeing photos of her and her tiny frame after beating malaria!
What is she thinking? She has hardly any body fat percentage left on her size 6 body, I could understand her wanting to perhaps use some weights to add definition and tone up but cardiovascular?! She’s skinny enough!

With lovely clean cut Derek Hough following her around I’m sure Cherylcould come up with a far more interesting workout that doesn’t involve a sweaty gym.

Apparently her main shape up incentive is her forthcoming photo shoot for her next solo album where she will be wearing hardly any clothing. Sure she will look great but let’s hope there will be some flesh to see and not just skin and bones!

Four serious engineers looking at plans sitting at a table

Cheryl Cole’s Yanky Twang

Cheryl Cole is apparently amusing pal Derek Hough with her latest American phrases which she has picked up since spending time in the USA and hanging out with him.

Derek has been mocking her mix of Yanky drawl with her Geordie accent and can apparently do a great impression of the lovely Northern lass.

I think it’s so easy to pick up accents when you are around someone lots as she is with Derek and they do say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery?!

Lets just hope she doesn’t do a Joss Stone on us, we love her Geordie accent!